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Reasons Why Men Cheats The Most In A Relationship

Someone once asked me whom I thought cheated the most in relationships and the gender that immediately clicked my mind was the male. I tend to think that men usually cheat the most compared to the women.
However, this was my mere assumption and so I decided to take a survey by asking an equal number of both men and women the same question.
Most women vowed that it is hard for them to cheat when they truly love the guy. I believe this is because women love with their hearts and men with their minds.

Men, on the other hand, confessed that they do cheat when they are in relationships. One guy told me that he cheated once and the girlfriend found out without him giving any signs; this is where you will hear that women have the 6th sense, which is true.
I have never really understood why a man cheats a lot especially if the girlfriend or the wife gives him everything he desires. I am not saying that women do not cheat, they do, but men cheat a lot.

From the survey I took, I realized that men cheat because it is hard for some of them to be satisfied with one woman. They also have the notion that if they sleep with a lot of women, they become some sort of hero. Well, that's crazy as it sounds.
Women, on the other hand, cannot live with the thought of screwing around. For starters they will be called sluts and two, they have a conscience that will haunt them for a long time.