How Will A Life Without The Internet Affect You?

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How Will A Life Without The Internet Affect You?

Life without the internet is pretty hard to discuss. We use the internet for virtually everything in our lives, even for connecting with those around us. So, what would happen if the internet suddenly vanishes?

You wake up every morning and start your routine which, for most of us, includes catching up on updates. Whether it regards your friends, celebrities, sports, or current events, it usually begins on your smartphone, computer or your tablet. 

Even on your commute, you’ve got a podcast or internet radio station going. Once at work, you’re sending emails, video conferencing, researching, and sending a few texts to friends.

Generally, the internet affects us positively and negatively. For example, some people have access to pornography, cyber bullying and other violent exposure which in return cause some misbehaviors in the society.
Positively, we learn a lot from the internet ranging from programming skills, video editing, logo making and many more from sources like Udemy and other tutorial platform.

So the question is, what would be your reaction if you wake up one day and discover there's no Internet?

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